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About Us

We are a group of adult autistic advocates, who have decided to form a collective in order to become more effective in our advocacy. Some of us have been working in this area for quite a while, others are newer to the field. All of us are committed to working for a better world for all autistics, no matter their gender, age, sexuality, race, culture, personal experiences, age of diagnosis, or any of the other factors that make us autistics such a varied and, well, interesting bunch.

Our core collective members currently include Penni Winter, Matt Bevan, Beth Freeman, Sue Robb and Nick Stoneman.

Eventually, we hope to get a bank account set up, so we can officially receive donations. For now, contact us if you would like to make a contribution or koha. We will use all money received to pay for future campaigns and any admin costs that arise.

Our Aims


To present a unified voice for autistics in New Zealand. To this end, we want to liase with other New Zealand autistic groups and individuals. We also hope to liase with autism-positive organisations.


Using our collective voice to change the negative public perception of autism, as perpetuated by the media and others, to a more positive one, through all means possible.


To increase the involvement of autistics in advisory roles, in all agencies and departments of both local and national government in New Zealand, so that the authentic voice of autistics is heard loud and clear.

What We Believe About Autism

We embrace the ‘autism-positive’ approach, i.e. that autism is a variation in the human condition which has always existed, and should be accepted and supported as such.

We therefore reject all and any treatment, approaches, therapies, etc, which seek to ‘normalise’ autistics and force them to suppress their natural autistic selves. This includes the harshest types of ABA, bleach, chelation, SPOT, GcMAF, electric shocks and any other such tortures masquerading as ‘treatment’, now or in the future.

This does not mean we are against all support or aids for autistics. Instead, we believe in the ‘maximisation’ approach, where the individual autistic is helped by a variety of methods to become the best autistic they can be – not a ‘fake neurotypical’, as we have all seen and/or experienced the human cost of this fakery, in low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, addictions, self-harming, suicidal urges, and physical and mental ill-health amongst adult autistics, both young and old.

We also believe in the ‘social model’ of disability, which says that the real ‘disabling factor’ is society’s approach to our condition, regardless of our individual impairments.

We believe that the majority of adult autistics also subscribe to these beliefs, and that we can best collectively represent autistics in New Zealand by coming together to pursue our aims.

Join Us

Any autistic person and any non-autistic ally, who agrees with the above beliefs about autism, is welcome to join us. You can be either -

  • A Core Collective Member - one of a small committee of autistic people who collectively run the website and co-ordinate the actions and campaigns. Contact us, if you would like to be involved at this level.
  • An Autistic Member, ie any autistic person, whether self or officially diagnosed. To join, complete the below form.
  • An Associate Member, ie a non-autistic ally. Autism-positive organisations who agree with our aims, or their representatives, are also welcome to register. To join, complete the below form.

When the need for some change is identified, the core collective will email members, telling them what the problem is, what changes we would like to see happen, and what action to take (such as a letter or email). If necessary, we can give our members a draft email that they can then adapt to suit them, before sending.

Let’s work together, for the good of all autistics, of all ages and genders and from all family structures, whether officially diagnosed or self-identified, labelled ‘low’ or ‘high’ functioning, having a formal or informal support system, employed or on a benefit, and in all the differing ways we identify and experience being autistic…

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